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My Impact on People and Organizations

Hear from Clients, Co-workers, Leaders and Peers

Laura Fisher_edited.jpg

Laura Fisher

US Navy Veteran

Program Manager, Viasat

Member of the 2017 "Awesome 11," the first Corporate Fellowship Cohort for Navy & Marine Corps

Sara's focus on veterans is not simply how to get veterans out of military service, as most current DoD mandated transition courses speak to, but how to get veterans into the civilian sector, in at the right place and for right price. Sara advocates for the VALUE that veterans bring to the corporate sector-- and not quietly!-- Sara is reaching out into the community, to local companies, nationwide companies and preaching for us. She is a phenomenal saleswoman and for a good cause. She is an expert at how to be successful in the civilian sector, and that is the exact expertise veterans need access to as they transition. Sara is actively changing how we transition veterans out of the military and how companies will seek out the value that veterans will bring to their company! Amazing.

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