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Topics I'm Exploring and Writing About:

Valuing Differences

  1. What is the psychological experience of pivoting between identity groups, depending on the dominant culture? For people who identify with multiple groups, what's required to fit in and maintain mental health?

  2. Applying David Rock’s SCARF Model to the diverse and/or new employee-manager relationship. What prevents managers from being leaders?

  3. Concepts like code switching, hypervigilance, mental load, imposter syndrome and intersectionality. What can the workforce do to reduce the mental exhaustion that comes with surviving and thriving as a diverse employee?

  4. The value of diversity of emotion in the workplace, Emotional Agility principles by Dr. Susan David


Employee Resource Groups

  1. How employee resource groups are meeting the needs of members with multiple social identities/ intersectionality.  How are they supporting the whole human? How can those efforts help in unifying the workforce?

  2. How ERG group dynamics, leadership, sponsorship, funding, resources, purpose and alignment dictate ERG effectiveness.

  3. Leveraging veteran strengths in emotional intelligence, inclusion, belonging and multiple social identities to build culture bridges and lead DIEB efforts.

  4. The ROI of ERGs, moving beyond a "club" and showing impact to the organization. What are the expectations of senior leaders on ERG results? How are ERG’s supporting the mission? How are ERGs supporting recruiting efforts and educating HR teams on multicultural candidate considerations?

  5. The life cycle of ERG’s; The shift of self-segregating clubs to multicultural communities, pathways to safety, inclusion and sustainability.

Psychological Safety at Work

  1. Reasons why diverse employees are not engaged, and do not self identify. How social identities impact talent utilization and career mobility.

  2. How to create a psychological safe place to work, and what prevents leaders and co-workers from contributing to a safe organizational culture?


Organizational Culture

  1. Values in action: How internal and client-facing values align. Walk the talk?

  2. Investing in workforce education- Value of Veteran Talent for example.

  3. How diversity acronyms tell us about organizational culture: Dignity, Justice, JEDI and other acronyms that are indicators of culture, as unique as the organization.  Why is PayPal DIEB and not DEIB? Who makes that decision?

  4. Organizational resilience and agility, and the ability to create and maintain a safe work environment for all people at all times, because environments are fluid.

  5. The relationship between culture, strategy, and sustainability in the 4th industrial revolution.

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