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My Unique Value

Unlocking Talent Through the Military Integration Lens

The human experience of military to civilian workforce and lifestyle transition, personal transformation, and workforce integration amplifies many of the elements of other, less dramatic, cultural transitions for new and diverse employees.

Insights gained through the military integration lens can be translated and applied to improve new-hire onboarding and integration, talent utilization and mobility, employee resource group effectiveness, employee engagement and self-ID, and all diversity, equity, justice, inclusion, dignity and belonging initiatives.

I have two decades of corporate experience and spent fifteen years as a military spouse.  In the last five years, I've gained a deep understanding the lived experience of veterans integrating into the civilian workforce.  I know the answer to the question, "What makes transition hard for people used to doing hard things?"


Today, I work on the organizational side of military to civilian transition because I know employers must play a role in making those transitions mutually successful, and transitions are not just for veterans. 

My unique value is in transferring and applying my expertise to impact all employee groups, lead changes to organizational culture and help leaders achieve business objectives through their diverse workforces. 


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