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Client Projects

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Problem: Employee engagement, self-ID, talent underutilization, veteran and diversity hiring.

Solutions: Mentor Program development, Veteran onboarding program, D&I Video Speaker Series, Recruiter and Hiring Manager veteran readiness training.

China Travel Services, Beijing, China

Problem: Integrating acquired company and aligning leadership teams.


Solution: Through translators, designed and facilitated a 3-day intervention to build trust, improve cross-functional teamwork, communication, and collaboration.


Problem: Sourcing and selecting veterans.


Solutions:  Designed and facilitated virtual “Military Readiness for Recruiters” Workshop and “Diversity & Inclusion Readiness" Workshop.

State of Montana

Problem:  Sourcing and selecting veteran applicants.

Solution: Designed and facilitated five “Becoming Veteran Ready Employers” virtual workshops to employers state-wide.


Problem: Veteran ERG engagement and career mobility for diverse employees.

Solution: Designed and facilitated "Increasing ERG Engagement and Building a community,” and “Navigating Corporate Culture for Diverse Employees” virtual workshops.

World Bank

Problem: Low team productivity and limited budget for headcount.


Solutions: Recommended actions to increase team capacity and productivity without increasing headcount or budget within the Global Practices organization.

City of Lyon, Lyon, France

Problem: Gap in a strategy to increase diversity within the city government.


Solution: Recommended ways to strengthen and align Diversity & Inclusion strategies for city government employees around religion, ethnicity, and race.

Santa Barbara Foundation

Problem: Veteran employment in region.


Solution:  Facilitated live half-day “Veteran Readiness Workshop” and speed networking for employers in seven regional Chambers of Commerce, local USAF service-members, and community leaders.

Johnson & Johnson

Problem: Enhancing an existing veteran leadership development program.

Solution: Designed a Pilot Program by adapting and integrating an online veteran transition assistance program for veteran participants. 

Big Sky Economic Development Department

Problem: Matching services with veteran needs, and providing support for entrepreneurship and community connections.


Solution: Designed and facilitated “Becoming Veteran Ready Advisors” virtual workshops for service providers in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Morgan Stanley

Problem: Translating veteran talent into hard to fill roles.

Solution: Delivered "Military Readiness" training for senior leaders in HR and Talent Management focused on hiring manager mindset.

Western Union, Costa Rica

Problem: Disengaged diverse employees.

Solution: Designed and facilitated a 2-day intervention focused on creating a more empowered and inclusive workplace.

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