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Areas of Expertise 


Phototropism:  The phenomenon in nature where plants grow in the direction of the sun. Like plants, people and organizations will grow in the direction of their desired end state. 

  • Organization Culture and Readiness Assessments

  • Increasing Employee Resource Group Effectiveness to Impact Members and Business Objectives

  • Veteran and Diverse Talent Onboarding and Retaining on Recruiting, Education Programs

  • Developing Mentorship Programs for Veterans and ERG Group Members

  • Sourcing Veteran Talent through DOD SkillBridge Internship Program Design and Development 

  • Developing and Amplifying Existing Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

"Organizational growth and sustainability happens when investments are made in values and strategy alignment, unlocking human potential, building cross-cultural competencies and infusing an entrepreneurial spirit into the culture."

Sara D. Blewett, MSOD

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