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Transition Strategies

We partner with employers, educators and service providers to bridge the military-civilian divide through program design, group facilitation, community events, workforce education, and career development. My objective is to increase awareness, unlock diverse talent and support personal and organizational transformation. 

A bit about me:


I'm an experienced organization development practitioner and coach and have worked extensively in global, regional, and national contexts, including USA/Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America.  My background also includes over two decades of corporate experience in training, marketing, and sales. 

I have felt like an outsider at every transition point in my personal and professional life. My most recent experience was working on a military base as a civilian who had never worn a uniform. I imagined my experience in that role to be similar to what military veterans experience when they join the civilian workforce.  I know that transitions are constant human experiences that create outsiders, and outsiders do not belong. 


As a result, I am particularly passionate about helping organizations thrive by creating workplace environments where differences are valued and everyone feels they belong, no matter where they came from. Oftentimes, employee transition strategies are needed to integrate new hires, military veterans, employees returning to work after extended absences, and other adults re-entering the civilian workforce. 

My foundational design approach is based on a Galbraith's 5-Star framework, Appreciative Inquiry change model and Experiential learning practices. I partner with clients to evaluate current initiatives, discuss organizational objectives, confirm the level of investment and change readiness. Subsequently, I create customized engagements delivered in person or virtually to audiences of functional groups and diverse employee populations.

I believe that organizational sustainability requires a growth mindset and the strategic decision to invest in both people and culture.

Let’s work on this together,

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"Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them."

Albert Einstein

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